SAP Fiori User Experience

Enhanced User Experience


Simplify the user experience (UX) for common business functions with SAP Fiori. Using modern UX design principles, SAP Fiori delivers a role-based user experience across all lines of business, anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device. (Access the SAP Fiori Reference Library).



Why do you need SAP Fiori? How would Fiori make your life easier? Well, do you want to...

  • Increase productivity and reduce rework
  • Improve data quality and reporting
  • To harmonise processes across the business and multiple locations
  • Make SAP available anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce support costs?


Then contact our SAP Fiori experts to discuss your particular situation and how you can acomplish all of the above. 



Benefits of SAP Fiori

  • Unlock your investment in SAP ERP with simplified business processes
  • An intuitive user-interface which empowers occasional users of SAP 
  • Increased productivity with streamlined processes
  • Deploy SAP business processes onto mobile devices


How can Absoft help?

SAP consultancy Absoft can help you develop a tailored roadmap, build, design and deploy custom web-apps to optimise your business processes

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