Updates to the SAP support backbone – SOLMAN changes

SAP Support SOLMAN Changes

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SAP support backbone – SOLMAN changes

SAP is changing the way that the Solution Manager is going to be used from the 01.01.2020. In order to be in synchrony with this change it is suggested that the Solution Manager is patched to level 8.

What is required?

An upgrade of the Solution Manager 7.2 to support package 7 or 8 is required before the change takes effect. To make sure your Solution Manager is compliant with the new changes and the least amount of manual work is required, we recommend you patch SOLMAN to SP8.

While some functions would work on SOLMAN SP 5 and SP6, there will be limitations and more manual effort required. Therefore patching to the latest SP8 or SP7 before the deadline on 01.01.2020 is strongly recommended.

What is impacted?

 If you do not patch your Solution Manager to the latest patch level the following areas will be impacted after the 1st of January 2020:

  • Early Watch Reports: It won’t be possible for the functionality of the Early Watch Reports to be carried out and the recommendations from SAP won’t be delivered.
  • Patching: You will not be able to perform patching as the maintenance planner will not work in order patch level releases.
  • Exchange messages with SAP: You will not be able to communicate with SAP and exchange messages when you log a call with it.
  • Open connections with SAP: You will not be able to open the service connections application via the transaction SOLMAN_CONNECT which enables you to set up and maintain service connections to SAP for your systems.
  • Sending user measurements and perform license audits to SAP: The functionality for sending over the user measurements results for your SAP systems via the slaw2 will be affected together with license audits.
  • Update Licenses & maintain certificates: You will not be able to renew licenses for your SAP systems and maintain certificates. Moreover, you will not be able to maintain the SAP router certificates.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

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