What is SAP Support?

What is SAP Support

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Or perhaps the question is “What should SAP Support be?”

If you depend on SAP software to keep your business running you need to have the right people looking after it. Choosing an SAP Support partner requires careful consideration and thorough research. To help you with that we have gathered the most critical areas you will need to cover within this guide.

Download the “What is SAP Support and how to find the right partner?” guide here.

Whether you are only just starting your research, or have already chosen a partner but are frustrated with the lack of attention and trust, this guide will help you on your journey to finding the right fit.

What is SAP Support -Guide from Absoft SAp Partners

Originally written as a short blog post by Keith we have expanded the guide and added it as an easily downloadable PDF for your convenience. Some of the topics covered within the “What is SAP Support and how to find the right partner?” Guide are:

–        What is SAP Support?

–        What are the essential areas you should consider when choosing an SAP Support partner?

–        What you should expect from your Support partner?

–        How do you know this is or isn’t the right fit for you and your company?

–        How should your relationship with your SAP Support partner be evolving and what else is there you need to consider once you have chosen a partner?

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