SAP Process Optimisation

Your SAP system is a highly valuable tool which, if executed well, will pay for itself many times over. 

It’s an ongoing commitment to ensure that your SAP system remains fit for purpose and achieves its full potential. You want to get maximum return from;

    • Employee time invested
    • Process design
    • Use of available technology

Keeping up to date with technological innovations and evolving functionality is important, as is ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. You will also need to update processes as your business circumstances change. If you want to stay ahead then you can’t afford for any of these considerations to be an afterthought.

Our customers often don’t have the metrics to evaluate how effectively their SAP systems are working after they go live. And more often than not, significant potential for improved business processes and reduced support have not been recognised. This equates to unnecessary costs and unlocked value stagnating in your business.

If you identify with any of the following statements, then our SAP Process Optimisation service would benefit you greatly:

    • Your business processes are not integrated into your SAP system
    • Staff are constantly fixing data or transactional problems
    • Your organisation has SAP competency issues

Absofts SAP Process Optimisation service is designed to do exactly what it says. We can help you streamline any business process supported by SAP software, and make them work for your staff.

We look at the processes underlying any SAP module, and interactions between business functions.  Our consultants have particular expertise in;

    • Finance & Control
    • Joint Venture Accounting
    • Supply Chain
    • Maintenance
    • Analytics
    • HR & Payroll
    • Remote Logistics Management
    • Mobile Operations

Absoft delivers extensive process expertise to oil and gas, transportation, pharmaceutical and local authorities to name but a few. Our SAP consultants have been addressing all manner of scenarios covering SAP software and business process issues, across the globe since 1991.

The results speak for themselves. Absofts customers have identified many ways to lower costs, increase efficiency and maximise their return on investment in SAP. 

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