“A Move to S/4 HANA” – UKISUG Webinar

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S/4 HANA – the technical preparation of a business choice

Watch the replay of our UKISUG webinar from 22.05.2019 when, together with our customer Lyons Seafoods, we presented the steps of a preparation for the move to S/4 HANA. For most the prep for the move before the 2025 deadline will begin this year.

–> Watch the replay HERE <–

During the webinar Lyons showcased the use of the SAP standard tools available to prepare for the project including the functional simplification list, custom code roadblocks and determining brownfield vs greenfield all using their own internal team with support from a partner.

Your webinar hosts:

–> Robert McDonald, Absoft Senior Technical Consultant

–> Joe Slaughter, IT Project Manager from Lyons Seafood

Absoft’s “Your SAP in the Azure Cloud” UKISUG webinar with Microsoft Azure in February was also a great success. However, while we tried to answer all questions there and then, time does run out fast and we have received a lot of follow up enquiries.Therefore we just want to remind you that we are here for you and happy to set time aside to elaborate on and answer further questions. 

–> If your query was not covered in the presentation or Q&A session please get in touch directly here.

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