Cloud Readiness Assessment (Evaluate)


Cloud Readiness Assessment (Evaluate) should be the very first step of your cloud considerations. You can’t turn around without someone mentioning the ‘cloud’ today but finding what works for you and provides you economies of scale and a return on the investment of moving is an important factor.

Optimising before you move is often an option to release efficiency or perhaps you just need to move quickly from aging hardware, outdated operating systems and databases which are now a vulnerability. Absoft’s assessment looks at what you currently have and suggests a roadmap of how to move in the most effective manner.



On-premises vs. Cloud Benefits







Traditional server/storage/network hardware with backup/HA solutions can be costly


 Hardware cost savings on hyper-scale cloud infrastructure with built-in HA/DR functionalities


Sizing is often difficult and customers realize hardware/hosting vendors oversized after rollout


Systems can scale up/out/down depending on system workload


People to run SAP on-premises without automation solutions is the biggest cost factor


Automated administration helps IT focus on more strategic tasks


SAP customers cannot afford having a second datacenter for disaster recovery and tend to rely on old-style tape backup


DR environment can be quickly set up without affecting existing production environment


Dev/test/QA busy during implementation but go idle after go-live; except QA for trouble shooting




Dev/test/QA can be “parked” to minimize compute costs



A Cloud Readiness Assessment with Absoft's help allows you to:


-        Analyse you existing SAP Landscape

-        Identify Business Case and cost estimations for a move

-        Define high-level project timeline

-        Employ a high-level technical approach

-        Utilise Suggested Project Roadmap


Why Absoft?


We believe that each landscape is unique and deserves to be treated as such – that’s why each of our road-map and assessment planning workshops is completely bespoke to you and your needs. 

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