CloudReady Landscape (Prepare)


If you are Preparing to get the most from moving SAP to the cloud, we can help you with rationalising your SAP landscape, archiving data or upgrading the system in preparation for the move to the cloud.


Landscape Rationalisation


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of SAP Estate

Our goal with the landscape rationalisation is to make your SAP landscape as efficient as possible


Faster problem resolution

When any issue occurs with your landscape – being it a small support ticket or a DR situation, having a landscape which is the right size makes troubleshooting easier for your team.

Reduced support overhead

With an efficient landscape, your support team will have fewer overheads in delivering their service.


Public Sector Landscape Rationalisation

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Choose a Cloud Partner


What matters to you? 

Every cloud provider has a set of strengths and weaknesses from fast scalability to personalised application development. Analysing what matters to you and your business can help rule out providers.


> Size/Capacity Demands:

Having an idea about what you need will help you to find a provider who can deliver the service you are looking for. Future planning is important to understand, migration projects can be costly, and you don’t want to have to move to a different provider to scale up in the future. 

> Cost:

Calculating rough costs up front can be complicated.  Its often not as simple as multiplying the figures on a pricing page. Licence costs, storage costs, higher availability and disaster recovery can all add costs to a cloud infrastructure landscape. Modelling some real life scenarios, and potential future requirements, to calculate actual costs is advisable to determine total cost.


Project Planning


> Cloud Readiness Assessment - Learn more about Absoft's Cloud Readiness Assessment here.

> Migration Strategy - Looking at lift and shift vs new instance vs reimplement can provide some clarity about the way forward and assist in cost and budget planning.

> Cost Estimations - Have you thought about licence implications, data strategy and archiving options to optimise storage once you are in the cloud?

> Data Migration - Leveraging various storage alternatives to traditional on-premise to enable archiving or taking the opportunity to only keep what you need for legislative or business reasons.

> "As is" vs. "To Be" - As a move is looking to unlock efficiencies in cost, uptime and usability mapping out your desired To Be landscape can be a helpful exercise to ensure that the original project goals are not lost.


Proof of Concept

At Absoft we have assisted our clients with setting up sandbox in the cloud systems for testing, proof of concept and training purposes. The ability to quickly and cheaply spin up systems to determine viability or showcase features can be built into a business case for a move to the Cloud or S/4 HANA.


Why Absoft?

We believe that each landscape is unique and deserves to be treated as such – that’s why each of our road-map and assessment planning workshops is completely bespoke to you and your needs. 

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