Maintenance Training Optimisation

Do you wonder how you can reduce ongoing SAP maintenance training and support costs for your offshore technicians? 


How can you improve SAP data quality and process compliance at the same time?



The KP4 report identified that improvements to data management are required to facilitate proactive maintenance and avoid the risk of ‘fix on failure’. However, with a high turnover of staff, contractors and multi-discipline technicians working across numerous locations, it can be challenging to achieve any kind of consistency for data entry in SAP.
The complexity of SAP user interfaces and an increasing pressure on maintenance technicians to sustain optimum productivity for long periods of time also results in poor quality data input – all of which can lead to inaccuracies in maintenance planning and reporting, and seriously impact upon the safety and efficiency of operations. 
You can mitigate this situation by engaging in recurring SAP training but costs can quickly escalate. What if there was a custom solution, aligned to the way your technicians work which would:
    • Eliminate recurring maintenance technician training costs
    • Improve the user experience for maintenance technicians
    • Harmonise work processes across operating locations
    • Improve data quality and reporting to facilitate asset life extension

Absoft’s maintenance optimisation solution does all of the above.

View our short demonstration of data entry for a corrective maintenance notification below.


To learn how our maintenance optimisation solution can improve your data quality and reduce training costs, talk to Absoft’s specialist consultants.

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