SAP Brexit Assessment Service

The Transition Agreement between the UK and EU expired on 31 December 2020. The deadline has passed and the government is urging you to act now to keep your business going. However, you might still not know what exactly Brexit mean for your business and your SAP system.  

To help our customers understand how this important event might affect their SAP system and what they need to do to, we’ve introduced the Absoft SAP Brexit Assessment Service. 

Absoft SAP Brexit Assessment Service - Prepare for Brexit

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Thursday 17th December 10:00 AM 

How to get your SAP system Brexit-ready before the deadline

Sign up for our webinar on Thursday 17th December 10:00 (GMT) when Ian Mechie, Absoft’s MD and Don Valentine, Absoft’s Commercial Director will go through the implications Brexit might have on your SAP system and how we have helped our customers prepare with our SAP Brexit Assessment Service.

What is the Absoft SAP Brexit Assessment Service?

In essence, the service combines two tools:

  • an assessment program which will identify areas in your SAP system where Brexit may have an impact in terms of data, configuration and available SAP Notes;
  • and an assessment questionnaire which is targeted at discovering whether your SAP system is using some of the less well known functions within SAP which may be impacted by Brexit.


The program is delivered as a transport with supporting documentation, which you apply to your SAP system.

The transport/program is promoted through your SAP landscape as per your normal ICT change control procedures. For Absoft managed service customers, Absoft can facilitate the migration of the program through your SAP environment.  

We deliver the questionnaire as a .pdf file to facilitate its circulation around your organisation. This allows you to check-in with your peers to ensure that functional areas such as Finance, Sales and Purchasing can be involved in completing the questionnaire.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Executing the assessment service is straight forward. 

You complete the assessment questionnaire and send it back to 

You execute the assessment program in the background in your production SAP system. The program interrogates data and configuration that may be impacted by Brexit and collates what it finds in an e-mail that is then sent to Absoft.

The program is read-only – it does not make any updates to SAP data or configuration and if you wish to review the e-mail before it is sent to Absoft, you may do so.

For Absoft managed service customers Absoft can facilitate the execution of the program.  

Absoft combines the findings from the programme with the findings from the questionnaire into a presentation and arranges a debrief session with the customer. 

During the debrief, Absoft walks you through findings and helps you translate those findings into tangible activities that will need to be executed before, during or after Brexit. 

Ian MechieAbsoft MD and Don Valentine, Commercial Director are running a series of webinars to share the knowledge we have on how Brexit will affect your SAP system and to introduce the Absoft SAP Brexit Assessment Service.  

Q&A at the end of the presentation is part of those sessions to allow you to feedback on the service or ask questions of the Absoft brains trust in attendance. 

The first webinar was held on 24th of November 2020. The date for the next one will be confirmed shortly. Please contact us at if you have missed the first webinar and would like to attend the next one 

We would need from you: 

  • The completed questionnaire and sponsorship of the import and promotion of the transport/program through your SAP landscape. 
  • Attendance of the appropriate stakeholders for the debrief session.
  • A Purchase Order (see next question below). 

The Absoft Brexit Assessment Service costs £7,500 excl. VAT, payable up-front. 

The transport/program and questionnaire are delivered on receipt of a Purchase Order. 

Absoft will own the IPR for the software, the fee mentioned above is representative of the customer renting the software for execution during the Brexit period 

Absoft provide a transport and supporting documentation. 


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Book your SAP Brexit Assessment

We expect this service to be in high demand soon so we are asking you to drop us a message a.s.a.p if you would like to execute the assessment so we can help you prepare your SAP system for Brexit as quickly as possible. 

Please call Absoft directly at +44 (0)1224 707088 or use the form below if you’d like to request the Brexit Assessment Questionnaire.