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From furniture, bedding through to industrial machinery manufacturers, Absoft have been helping a wide range of manufacturers improve production planning, project management, process scheduling, operational safety and compliance for over 20 years.

Our direct and down to earth approach to clients and their business needs ensures that the services we deliver will be pragmatic, value based and aligned with your business goals. We have the innate ability to improve your current SAP system capabilities above and beyond your expectations.

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The above are just some of the areas in which Absoft has assisted Manufacturing organisations. Browse though the FAQ below or get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

From furniture, bedding through to industrial machinery manufacturers, Absoft have been helping manufacturing companies implement, optimise and support their SAP systems for over 20 years.

We are tremendously proud of our latest manufacturing client’s success story in which we helped an agricultural machinery manufacturer implement the latest version of SAP in record time. Read more about their journey, success and our groundbreaking product – Absoft ADIMA ERP for Manufacturing.

Margins are tight and IT systems spend has to be carefully managed -We understand the cost pressures of manufacturing. With that, and business like yours, in mind Absoft have pre-packaged ADIMA – an SAP S/4HANA based solution specifically developed for manufacturing.

The ADIMA solution is built to deliver 90% of a manufacturing companies’ requirements “out of the box” making implementations easier, quicker, of higher quality and less costly. Get in touch to receive a DEMO. 

Absoft’s ADIMA – a pre-configured SAP for manufacturing, ensures you have live visibility into the status of your shop floor. Which orders are in progress, production issues, equipment effectiveness and who is on the shop floor are all available to you in real-time.

Our Shop Floor solutions are easy-to-use, intuitive apps at the works station or on mobile tablets for your operators that ensure data is captured at the coal-face as it happens. The apps facilitate goods movements around the warehouse, automate materials consumption and automate quality assurance steps in your production process. The shop floor is automated and the top-floor is informed. Get in touch to optimise your shop floor to top floor processes.

SAP is completely integrated and real-time. Thanks to its in-memory data processing capability it offers your customers live updates of the status of their orders – in production, in dispatch, being shipped, invoiced or still outstanding to be paid.

Feedback from implementations is that this is of massive benefit to end-customers and a significant differentiator between you and your competition. Additionally, SAP provides your sales team with robust and trustworthy available-to-promise dates which increases customer trust and confidence in your ability to deliver on-time, with quality, every time.

Manufacturing typically runs on tight margins. Your ability to control the costs that can be controlled is often the difference between thriving, surviving or going under.

SAP ensures that your inventory levels are appropriate, your procurement processes leverage the hard work you have put into negotiating contracts with your key suppliers and monitors in real-time your labour, materials, services and overhead costs.

SAP will also monitor your planned and actual cost variances by product line, product, workstation – meaning that you have the data at your fingertips to: spot trends in the wrong direction, “hot spots” and bad actors – and the system even suggests what you might need to do to resolve the issues highlighted. Learn about our Inventory Reduction and Procure to Pay solutions to gain back control over those processes.

Many manufacturers are using disparate older IT systems which simply don’t talk to each other. Inventory is a black hole, whats going on the shop-floor isn’t visible to the top floor, sales & operation planning is never up-to-date. Even manufacturers who run ERP systems which advertise themselves as integrated often find that key functionalities are held together by string and glue.

SAP has always been a truly integrated ERP meaning it is posting in real-time goods movements, financial documents, production receipts as and when they happen meaning that you have a real-time, always available, single version of the truth available to you on desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Read more about our pre-packaged, truly integrated solution ADIMA ERP for manufacturing SMEs.

It might be easy to be certain that you need to upgrade your IT systems and infrastructure but proving it in order to secure a six figure budget – understandably less so! Absoft helps companies by taking you through the typical scenarios where a new ERP, and taking advantage of the latest technologies, can help your business and how.

From shop floor improvements in higher production, less waste and higher work centre productivity through to lower inventory carry, reduced stock-outs and better procurement decisions right through to improved customer satisfaction and improved sales – we can help you identify the savings and opportunities that will help you to make the cast iron business case to support your move to next level ERP. Absoft won’t just talk about the business case – we’ll show you how it works in our demo system using your data. Get in touch and let Absoft guide you on your journey to digital transformation.

The latest version of SAP – S/4HANA offers real time insight into your production, sales, inventory, purchasing and other KPIs from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Based on cutting edge in-memory computing technology S/4HANA shortens month-end closing, speeds up your SOP processing, automates your replenishment planning and streamlines your order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes.

Administration processes are also made more efficient as your accountants, buyers and sales teams use intuitive apps to perform recurring tasks and supervisors are informed of issues before or at worst at the same time as they occur.

Let us show you the specific benefits of S/4HANA for your business – Get in touch.

What They Say

Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.

We can assist your manufacturing business in further developing key areas such as:

  • Assembly line optimisation
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting
  • Self-service procurement for indirect spend
  • Customs tracking and compliance with HMRC 
  • Inventory optimisation and warehouse management

People we have worked with

Customers within the manufacturing sector trust our proactive approach in suggesting best practice and providing them with the right solutions and praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams. How can we help your company?

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