“Companies whose systems are supported by overseas support centres are discovering that they lack the UK-specific expertise in these critical compliance related areas and that’s when they come to Absoft for help”

– Don Valentine, Absoft Commercial Director

We are now seeing a growing evidence that the trend for UK Companies to outsource their SAP support to organisations with overseas support capabilities hasn’t always worked. This is especially evident in domains such as HR/Payroll where the accurate and timely application of country specific legal changes is a core component of the support service.

–> Have you implemented SAP HR/Payroll with an overseas partner?

–> Are you confident it’s fully compliant with UK legislation?

–> Do you know the consequences if it is not compliant?

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The trend over the past few years for UK companies to outsource their SAP support to organisations with overseas support capabilities has now become one of the most common HR/ Payroll UK compliance issue of 2018. What is even worse is that many companies might continue this practice in 2019.

We’re still seeing companies falling foul and being investigated by HMRC for not adhering to UK legislation due to a basic lack of awareness of what needs to be done and/or poor deployments of the updates provided by SAP.

Getting your payroll wrong or not complying with HMRC requirements are potentially a very high price to pay for some anticipated IT support cost savings, which are often more than offset by costs of manual workarounds or remedial action.

If you are suffering issues with RTI, PAE, Pensions or have other compliance related concerns drop our expert team a line today. Absoft’s HR/Payroll team is fully UK based and has been assisting clients since 1991 to stay on the right side of HMRC and away from the hefty fines.

Worried about whether or not you’re compliant with UK legislation?

Get in touch and we can arrange for a payroll specialist health check for your peace of mind.

Still not GDPR-compliant? Check your system with our SAP GDPR Compliance Heatmap

Getting your SAP GDPR compliant may seem daunting, however taking a few steps to ensure that your data is compliant will pay off in the long run and will ensure you avoid any fines from the ICO.Absoft recommends undertaking an exercise to identify all the PII data in your SAP system that is to be anonymised.

  • Unsure where to start with this? Or want to make sure you have all your tables, landscape and interfaces covered? Get in touch with me to ask about our GDPR System Heatmap – jbrown@absoft.co.uk

At Absoft, we have worked with a variety of different customers and understand that each business is unique in their SAP use – that’s why we offer SAP consulting tailored to your needs.

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