Our Next Generation SAP Managed Service – Q&A

Absoft Next Generation SAP Managed Service

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Our SAP Managed Service Q&A Session is here!

We have had lots of interest and questions about our re-launched SAP Managed Service. Watch the video below where the Absoft Team answer the most frequently asked questions around Managed Service and our re-launched offering.

What is covered in the Q&A?

  • The main pain points and recurring issues for Managed Service clients in the UK
  • The demands the market has seen in recent years and how our service offering meets them
  • Additional innovation we have worked on that the UK SAP Managed Service market hasn’t seen until now – and how this adds value for the customer and the business.
  • Our pricing model.

Sounds great! How can I learn more?

What we couldn’t cover in the video we have put into an E-Book that you can download and view here!

Get in touch to discuss how you can get the most out of your SAP through our next generation SAP support services.

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