Landscape Evolution


No Disruption

We identify gaps in testing, coordinate interface adjustments and work with change control to make sure our go-lives bring only benefits with no negative impact.


Flexible Process

We have strong experience in the best approach to an upgrade, but our UK-based team always adapts to the methods of the customer and forms a genuine part of their internal teams.

Strategic Planning

Principal consultants plan around technicalities and interdependencies, with budgetary consideration, and strategic advice for the long term.


Absoft have experience in upgrading multiple product landscapes in parallel, covering thousands of users in a single go-live to small, fast, agile projects. 

Nothing is too big...

Absoft has delivered upgrade projects of up to five SAP landscapes in parallel in a single go-live, with no issues across thousands of users.


...or too small

Our smallest customers have less than ten users, so we have delivered upgrades that are cost-effective and fast enough for small, agile industries.



Technical and business expertise

Ensure a seamless transition with maximum value for your business. Our service is provided by highly-experienced UK based employees, resulting in a team you can trust and get to know on your transition journey.


On premise or in the cloud

Absoft have the expertise to implement your new system in any environment. Our consultants work with your internal teams to deliver S/4 on-premise, in any IaaS cloud.

We support you

Our Managed Service provides proactive 24/7 automated monitoring to ensure your new system runs optimally.


Always First

Absoft’s internal landscape that is always on the latest feature pack and release, We will always ensure our service is in line the most up to date developments giving us first hand experience of this evolving area.



Doing what is right for you

Understanding the impact of activating new functionality is key to ensuring if it is right for you, our business process expertise will help you through this.


From day one

Absoft have delivered EHP projects since SAP released the concept, enabling us to streamline the process and pass on that knowledge to your environment.


Experts in all supported SAP platforms

Absoft are highly experienced in performing release upgrades for Oracle, SQL Server, MaxDB and the SAP HANA Platform.




Tuned for best performance

Optimisation of database parameters and SAP buffer tuning proposals are included within the scope of the service.



SAP Managed Service

Ensure you get the maximum from your SAP system. We take care of the planning and execution of updates and patching in your environment, so you don’t have to.



Legislative Updates

We proactively monitor the impact of legislative updates, providing experience configuring HR changes implementing SAP Process Integration content, and configuring SAP PI for the SAP HR E-Filing scenario.



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