Technical Enhancements


Experienced in Single Sign-On

Absoft have deployed SSO to a wide range of customers across products, from SAP GUI to Fiori, Business Objects to Neptune..



Mobile Single Sign-On

With current trends towards apps and mobile working, we have several solutions to enhance your experience.

Reduce Support Costs

Single Sign-On removes the need to manage passwords in SAP, minimising helpdesk time and speeding up user login.


Fully custom options

Absoft can create bespoke SSO integrations where no product fits your needs, to deliver any requirement.



Holistic Measurement

Absoft’s System Performance evaluation analyses not just the SAP applications, but we also probe the underlying platform too - OS and hardware - this way we capture all indicators and suggest the most efficient improvements possible.



Understanding Constraints

We know that not all businesses have the unlimited capacity to grow their infrastructure.  We will work with you to understand constraints and leverage the best possible performance for your system.



Gateway Installation

Leverage Absoft’s experience in deploying Fiori to guide you through the technical requirements involved in delivering an enhanced user experience - from the SAP Gateway to the reverse proxy and firewall.



Building new apps

See our UI page for more information on building apps and making SAP 'Anytime - Anywhere'.




Checking your Security

Do your users have the correct levels of access, for example segregation of duties?  Our technical and business consultants will validate your authorisation model and recommend best practice improvements.




We have experience with ITIL, ISO, Sarbanes–Oxley, and can address the impacts and requirements on your SAP landscape and business processes.



Saving you time

Solution Manager setup and configuration can be an arduous task, and confusing if you’re not familiar with it.  At Absoft we have performed many installations and setups, so we are perfectly placed to assist you and speed up the deployment of SAP Solution Manager.


Leverage un-used functionality

There is a vast feature set within Solution Manager which mostly remains unutilised – we can help you explore these.


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