Updates to the SAP support backbone – SNOTE changes


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Information about the SNOTE changes

SAP has announced an update on its support backbone that will take effect from the 1st of January 2020. The download and upload process will stop working unless Note Assistant (SNOTE transaction) is enabled in ABAP systems to work with digitally signed SAP Notes and you would need your SAP system ready for the change before it takes effect.

At this stage SAP has launched the following warning message on the SAP support website:

SAP SNOTE 1st January 2020 deadline

Background information regarding the SAP support backbone update

SAP has launched the SAP Note 2737826  – SAP Support Backbone Update / upcoming changes in SAP Service and Support Backbone interfaces (latest) in January 2020

SAP provides further information for the SAP support Backbone update at the SAP support portal.

What will change on 01.01.2020?

 The connection from SAP solution manager and the on-premise SAP systems connection to the SAP backbone will change. This will impact the way that you will use the OSS notes.

What do you need to do if you don’t want to lose any functionality? 

For OSS Notes

There are 2 changes on the OSS notes – the RFC to SAP and the digitally signed OSS notes.

  • The OSS_RFC user which is under the RFC connection such as SAPOSS will need to get replaced by the communication user and to make sure that it is using load balancing. The communication user is the S number that is available to SAP systems that are using SOLMAN.
  • Regarding the second change, OSS notes via SNOTE have to be switched to digitally signed OSS notes. The OSS note RFC destination has to be changed as the generic user will no longer work.

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