Why did we pre-package our Absoft ADIMA Manufacturing ERP Solution?

As an SAP Consultancy and Partner Absoft implement, optimise and run Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for our customers.


The beauty and the burden of ERP as a category of IT system is that it is “configurable”.


The original software vendor will advertise that the ERP can be configured to address the needs of organisations across a range of sectors and cover functional requirements across a spectrum of organisational functions; finance, purchasing, production, HR, sales etc. This flexibility and scalability are part of the beauty of ERP.


The burden from the customers perspective came in the form of the potential price tag associated with that “configuration”. 


Starting configuration from ground zero for each implementation is expensive and led SME companies who might have been attracted to an ERP such as SAP because it offers a real-time, 360-degree, single version of the truth view of their business, to think it wasn’t an economically viable solution. ERP = too big, too expensive.


Absoft knew that we had to solve this affordability issue if we were going to have a viable ERP proposition for SME companies. The solution was pre-packaging


We focussed on one industry sector – manufacturing – and stripped SAP back to a “fit for purpose” core set of functionalities needed by SME manufacturers and pre-configured the software accordingly. 


The result is Absoft ADIMA, our SAP certified solution for UK SME manufacturing. Implementing ADIMA is about tweaking a delivered solution not developing it from ground zero. An “out of the box” solution, Absoft Adima is available on-premise or in the cloud. See the system in action - watch the demo video here or contact Absoft for a bespoke demonstration. 



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