Licensing SAP Software

Looking for SAP® Licensing? Absoft can provide you with your SAP licensing needs from SAP software licenses to SAP maintenance and support

We can also manage your SAP user agreements ensuring you are getting everything you need from the contract.

SAP Licensing from Absoft

Absoft is an SAP Partner, a Value Added Reseller and is accredited by SAP as a Partner Centre of Expertise (PCOE).  This means that not only is Absoft certified to sell SAP licenses and deliver SAP maintenance services, Absoft’s long standing relationship with SAP allows us to offer best practice advice regarding any potential licensing changes.

We can help you:

    • Define what type of licensing you require
    • Calculate how many user licenses your business needs
    • Decide what types of user licenses your staff require
    • Understand license configurations
    • Manage all aspects of your SAP license – including maintenance and support

As a channel partner of SAP we can assist you in understanding what options are available to you. SAP launch new products frequently and it can become a challenge knowing which is best for your business.  Absoft can provide you with all of your licensing needs from start to finish.

VAR Licensing Benefits

There are many reasons as to why many direct SAP customers are moving to an indirect model with a Value Added Reseller such as Absoft.  The first main benefit that an organisation could receive would be the potential ability to re-license their entire SAP estate via the Partner Managed Cloud offering, which can offer up to as much as 50% savings in license and ongoing maintenance costs.

In addition, if your business currently works with Absoft for all of their day to day SAP support and projects and with SAP UK for all licenses and maintenance,  a VAR transfer would therefore mean there would be one point of contact for all SAP queries going forward including the resolution of SAP ‘bugs’, license management and audits. 

With Absoft as your VAR partner, you can be confident that we know your business well and will therefore make the best licensing recommendations based on the company’s overall ICT and SAP strategy.

Technical Quality Checks (TQC’s)

Finally, via the indirect model, if your organisation were to move to an Enterprise Support Model, you could have access to numerous value added services.  This model allows the partner to offer proactive services such as Technical Quality Checks (TQCs).  There are approximately 20 different TQCs which are free for clients on Enterprise Support that can add real value, including business process performance optimisation, security optimisation, and performance optimisation to name a few.

To summarise, there are many benefits available by becoming an indirect SAP customer via a VAR partner.  Discuss these options further with Keith Davidson on +44 (0)1224 707088, and fully explore all of the options which are available.

For more information download our SAP licensing guide below.

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