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As an SAP Value Added Reseller, designated Partner Centre of Expertise and SAP PartnerEdge Gold Partner, Absoft are uniquely positioned to not only guide you through the intricacies of SAP Licencing, but also provide annual support and maintenance for your licence estate. We will support you in exploring all potential licencing models and products, ensuring you are licensed effectively to support your business and maximise your SAP investment.



Absoft help companies to identify licensing requirements and develop a licence model which maximises your licence estate.


Absoft work with SAP to ensure that you secure an appropriate and effective licence estate and apply your licence keys correctly.

Manage / Roadmap

Absoft monitor your licence usage and proactively advise of any licence updates that may be required. We also work with you to develop an SAP roadmap and a supporting licence strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The expertise and experience of SAP Partners can be gauged by their level in the SAP PartnerEdge Program, which contains three levels; Silver, Gold and Platinum. Gold Partners such as Absoft perform at a high level across their entire business and illustrate a strong commitment to delivering business value to customers.

Achieving Gold Partner status is a pinnacle moment for any member of the SAP PartnerEdge program as points are awarded based on competency and strategic alignment with SAP’s vision and cannot be achieved on business performance or size of customer base alone.

PCOE accreditation is awarded to SAP consultancies that meet stringent and detailed set criteria for services and company infrastructure. The vehicle that SAP use to determine whether a partner can be accredited is a PCOE audit.

In a SAP PCOE audit SAP perform a thorough examination of Absoft’s full customer experience, from onboarding to long-term service management, contract and review process, innovation, business development activities, as well as scrutiny of internal processes and procedures.

“Successful PCOE recertification demonstrates the capability and quality of our Integrated SAP Support Services,” said Richie Reid, Absoft Service Delivery Manager.

Absoft Sales Managers are well-versed in the complexities posed by SAP Licensing. Your dedicated Sales Manager can therefore navigate these challenges with SAP on your behalf, making the process as seamless as possible for you.

By being a long-standing and trusted VAR, we are able to leverage partner-only incentives, ensuring you secure a commercially viable yet compliant licence estate.

SAP software contains audit tools that assist in generating the data necessary to measure and monitor licence consumption. Using this data, Absoft can work with you to identify and mitigate any potential licence risks.

Each licence type has a metric definition which outlines the applicable criteria per licence type, including a minimum and/or maximum quantity. Primarily, the biggest restriction is that once you have purchased SAP Licences, you cannot downsize.

What is SAP Indirect Access? Indirect/Digital Access occurs when devices, bots, automated systems, etc. directly access the Digital Core. It also occurs when humans, or any device or systems indirectly use the Digital Core via a non-SAP intermediary software, such as a non-SAP front-end, a custom-solution, or a third-party application.

SAP Licence Maintenance is charged on a per annum basis, at a percentage of your overall licence costs.

Moving to the cloud presents a unique opportunity to assess and rationalise your SAP Landscape, and with it, your SAP Licences. With no two SAP Licence Estates being the SAP, the options available to you as you consider moving from an On-Premise solution to the cloud are endless. Contact Absoft today to start your journey to the cloud with us.

What They Say

Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.

A trusted SAP partner for 29 years and one of only 30 SAP Gold Value Added Reseller Partners in the UK and Ireland, Absoft’s vast experience and track record enables them to be a partner of choice for many organisations who prefer to have indirect relationship with SAP

Dimitri Samadashvili, SAP Partner Business Manager


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