Career Profiles

Discover how our rich variety of staff came to work for leading SAP consultancy Absoft and what their roles within Absoft involve on a day to day basis. 


Name: Muhammad Farooq Duranni

Job Title: Senior SAP Consultant - MM

Qualifications: BE Computer Software Engineering 


Career History

I graduated in 2002, from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. My first graduate job in Pakistan was as a software developer for an IT consultancy; Jintech Pvt. Ltd. After JinTech, I joined Siemens Pakistan in January 2003 and started my career in SAP as a Development Consultant. I worked for Siemens for almost 2 years and then in December 2004, joined the Office of The Auditor General of Pakistan where I worked on a project to improve financial reporting and auditing. It was a World Bank funded project and involved an SAP HR & FI implementation for the Government of Pakistan.

I had always been interested in working in The UK to explore new technologies and gain international experience, so in 2006, I applied for and got my HSMP visa and started to look into the UK SAP job market. Absoft was looking for a Development Team Lead at the time. I applied for the role, got selected and started my career with Absoft in September 2006. The development team lead role not only gave me the opportunity to enhance my SAP development knowledge but also helped me improve my leadership and inter-personal skills. In addition to that it gave me a lot of opportunities to get involved in the SAP business processes, particularly within Material Management & Logistics.

With my growing interest on the business process side, in 2011, I decided to move to Absoft’s SAP functional team for Material Management & Logistics.


What does your job involve?

As the Development team lead, I was the first point of contact for all the ABAP Development work at Absoft. I used to provide technical specification, project estimates and manage the workload for my team. In addition to that, I was part of the interview panel for Development Consultants plus mentoring fresh graduates and less experienced consultants was also part of the role. Since my switch to Functional Consultancy, I have been part of Absoft’s front office teams based at various client sites. During my time with these clients, I provide day to day SAP support and have also been involved in a range of SAP projects aimed towards improving business processes by better utilising SAP functionality, particularly within the Logistics area.


What do you enjoy the most?

Being at client sites, gives me a lot of opportunities to understand different processes within my domain. Proposing improvements to these processes and then seeing each proposal all the way through to become a reality is the best part of my job.


Advice to others

SAP is the leading ERP solution and a whole world in itself. If you choose to pick SAP as a career, you will be guaranteed a wealth of opportunities. Absoft assures these opportunities through its diverse customer base and the wide range of services it provides.



Name: Björn Harzer

Job Title: Principal SAP Consultant

Qualifications: Master in Mathematics, Minor in Information Technology


Career History

I graduated from the University of Stuttgart, Germany in 1997. In 2005 I joined Absoft, from T-Systems in Germany, where I worked initially as a graduate junior in the IT department and then as an SAP Consultant.

As T-Systems’ customer I recognised the integration between SAP development and the understanding of business processes and I wanted to get involved with SAP development and develop my business consultancy skills. Projects I was involved in, included analysing migration strategies from which to transfer legacy systems to SAP, blueprinting business solutions in production and logistics and implementing SAP within the automotive and manufacturing divisions of several European operations.

About 9 years ago, I decided to move from Germany to Scotland and I approached Absoft to see if they would be interested in my skills. I have progressed from Senior to Principal SAP Consultant in the integration team and I am currently working as Solution Architect.


What does your job involve?

During my first year and-a-half with Absoft, I worked on the implementation project for an upstream oil and gas client, who operates as a logistics provider and drilling contractor. Here I was responsible for the materials management and logistics execution processes; after go live I supported their operations and assisted in the in-country rollouts in Scotland, Germany, Azerbaijan and Dubai.

Subsequent assignments have included improving the logistics and procurement solution for a drilling and engineering contractor’s North Sea operations, leading a team in introducing SAP for procurement and customer billing of materials and services provided by a Scottish awards body. I have also provided support during design, build, test and go-live stages for manufacturing companies, for example an English brewer and a fertiliser supplier, but also for organisations in the Higher Education sector. As part of our support offering to our customers, I am also currently supporting the ongoing business process in all areas of supply chain and logistics.

Currently, my role as a Principal SAP Consultant involves advising and supporting colleagues in Absoft’s SAP support service, supporting the associated sales activities around Absoft’s services, as well as working on implementation projects. My role as Solution Architect is focused on packaging up our business process knowledge and technical knowledge into solutions for our market sectors. This involves translating the SAP product offerings into tangible solutions for these sectors, managing the internal projects and enabling our sales and delivery teams. Evidently, my role is diverse; as my day-to-day tasks are dependant on the customer’s requirements. When a request comes in I will analyse the business requirement, outline or translate it into a specification and support a colleague in setting up the systems to support the changes.


What do you enjoy the most?

Everyday is a new challenge as different customers value different aspects of their business, in different ways. To that end, a customer’s letter or e-mail of appreciation will always top the day!

Travelling to different client sites is an interesting part of my job; seeing different parts of the world lets you appreciate the diversity of other cultures.


Advice to others

As an SAP Consultant, the best way forward is to try and learn something new every day and remember that as part of a team, success is brought to you by everyone’s effort.