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Working with the public sector on modernising legacy systems, automation of every-day tasks and laying the foundation for digitalisation, Absoft has a strong track record in helping the sector move towards data-driven decision making and better citizen focus. Introducing more efficient, agile processes means public sector organisations spend less time on repetitive non-value added tasks and spend more time engaging with citizens. Organisations in the public sector have been trusting Absoft for over 15 years to help them improve efficiency and reduce costs by getting more out of their SAP system.

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Below are just some of the areas in which Absoft has assisted Public Sector organisations. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs or to get advice on your next steps. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The above are just some of the areas in which Absoft has assisted Public Sector organisations. Browse though the FAQ below or get in touch to discuss your specific needs

Absoft have been helping public sector organisations implement, optimise and support their SAP systems for over 15 years. We help them across a full range of SAP modules including, procurement functions, and the complexities of public sector HR and payroll requirements.

We also look after the SAP landscapes of these same organisations and help them to take advantage of the security and cost advantages of moving and operating their SAP landscapes in the cloud.

Absoft consultants know local government pension schemes, schools and public services payroll and the importance to these organisations of getting value for taxpayers money for every pound spent in the supply chain.

Absoft’s technical team have an average of 16 years experience in managing and migrating SAP landscapes. For the past 5 years an increasing number of our migration projects have involved moving SAP landscapes from on-premise or dedicated data centres into the cloud.

Our consultants are rightly proud of our excellent on-time, on-budget delivery record and equally as proud of our ability to ensure our customers achieve the full benefits available from the cloud.

If your organisation is at the start of of the cloud journey Absoft can help you to develop the business case to support the case for the migration. Alternatively, if you have already initiated a Cloud migration – we can assist with specific requirements or provide third-party advice if you are in doubt.

Absoft understand the processes and language of the public sector – from local government pensions schemes through to acting as a service provider for affiliated service sector organisations.

Our HR & Payroll team are expert in local government payrolls and pension schemes as well as supporting the delivery of payroll services to external clients, our supply chain consultants well versed in optimising procurement processes and our Finance consultants help public sector organisations keep on top of controllable costs and report on current and forecast status of actuals versus budget as well as model the “what if” scenarios that are a core part of delivering public services in the 21st century.

Absoft have a range of SAP based apps which support public sector organisations in offering services both internally and externally.

Ranging from shopping cart apps which tap into external vendor catalogues through to offering car mileage and timesheet apps which facilitate recording of time & expense claims. Apps are also available to the staff and contractors of public sector organisations in the form of payroll slips, maintaining personal data and many other HR and payroll related functions.

Public sector budgets are under pressure like never before. Your ability to control costs that can be controlled is often what makes the difference when striving to meet the organisations goals. SAP ensures that your procurement processes leverage the hard work you have put into negotiating contracts with your key suppliers. SAP will also monitor your planned and actual cost variances by product line, product, work station meaning that you have the data at your fingertips to spot trends in the wrong direction, “hot spots” and bad actors – and the system even suggests what you might need to do to resolve the issues highlighted. Read more about Self-Service Procurement or get in touch to discuss further.

Absoft have a range of mobile solutions for public sector organisations covering Shopping, Approving, Invoicing, Timesheets and many other SAP based functions. These tried and tested solutions are great to work with, easy to use and make it easy for you to keep your Purchase to Pay, Finance and HR & Payroll functions operating smoothly, minimising error and bringing a considerable reduction to time and paper waste.

Public sector payroll processing can be very complex. SAP is great at releasing ongoing patches and legal change packages to keep up with changing payroll rules but ensuring that these are applied safely and correctly and making sure that appropriate testing is performed before running live can be a big headache for resource constrained public sector organisations.

Absoft expert SAP payroll team can help you to ensure you remain compliant and up to date with your payroll and compliance and we do this on a proactive basis so you don’t have to constantly worry or try and anticipate the next change or update needed. Read further how our SAP and UK Compliance team can help.

Through anticipating demand and also considering years of customer feedback on this specific challenge we have created a unique, user friendly payroll monitoring app. Absoft’s Payroll Monitoring app takes the strain off of managing your payrolls by showing you at a glance the status of each of your payrolls. This consequently allows you to drill down, analyse potential issues and automatically apply fixes based on previous learnings. The app offers the facility to record notes of fixes to problems that arise and can suggest and apply fixes automatically or on the instruction of the user. Get in touch to request a DEMO.

What They Say

Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.

As an independent SAP consultancy specialising in SAP services for UK public sector organisations we offer:


  • Combined technical and functional expertise in the aspects of SAP that are of critical importance to public sector in the UK
  • Over 15 years’ successful track record working with public sector organisations in the UK
  • A team of leading SAP experts available to help and just a phone call away
  • Highly flexible, responsive services and a true partnership approach to delivery
  • Knowledge transfer to help with enablement of your internal teams
  • Commitment to helping you to achieve the best return on your investment in SAP

People we have worked with

Customers within the public sector trust our proactive approach in suggesting best practice and providing them with the right solutions and praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams. 

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