SAP Hardware Migration

Is the hardware, operating system or database platform supporting your SAP landscape nearing the end of its life?

Relocating an SAP system from one server environment to another is a complex procedure and it must be carried out using tools and methods that are supported by SAP. Failure to observe SAP’s guidelines in this area could risk invalidating your SAP support which could pose a major operational risk.

Correctly sizing the new infrastructure for your SAP systems is crucial, especially when you are considering adding new functionality, adding additional users or moving to a new virtual or physical infrastructure technology.

However, sizing the infrastructure to support an SAP system can be challenging. You want to provide sufficient resource to ensure optimum performance at peak load times but you don’t want to spend more than is necessary.

We utilise sizing tools from the major hardware vendors and from SAP themselves. We also use our experience to examine the specification and performance of your existing hardware and use this to inform our sizing estimates for your new infrastructure. We can assist you with defining a hardware specification that you can use to aid your discussions with hardware vendors, server specialists within your internal IT teams and your business to take the pain out of modernising your SAP estate.

Absoft's comprehensive hardware migration services cover:

    • Hardware selection and sizing
    • Operating system selection and best practice advice
    • Database platform selection and best practice advice
    • Defining restrictions when considering the use of Physical to Virtual (P2V) tools
    • Cloud hosting
    • SAP HANA

We work closely with SAP, your IT teams and all SAP certified hardware vendors to ensure your transitioned solution continues to be fully supported by SAP.

We are platform-agnostic, and have worked with all major hardware vendors, operating systems, databases and virtualisation platforms supported by SAP.  We have technical consultants who are certified by SAP to perform heterogeneous migrations between different platforms. We can also assist with resource upgrades to existing infrastructure and can advise on SAP system performance tuning that ensures your systems take full advantage of the hardware resources provided to them.

From defining the architecture of your solution through to the migration and ongoing support, we ensure a smooth transition.

If the driver for your SAP hardware migration is related to a bigger picture, our SAP Technical Roadmap Service can help you to develop a plan for all other aspects required to meet your wider business objectives.

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