SAP User Experience (UX)

We are living in a digital age where people require access to information “right here, right now”. Why should the way that we operate in business be any different?

Absoft has been working with companies throughout the UK, to make SAP available “anytime, anywhere” since 2014, which has led to an improved UX for thousands of SAP end users.

SAP have delivered Fiori apps, which are template applications based on SAPUI5 technology. SAP have also delivered a platform which enables us to Design and Develop custom UI5 apps

SAPUI5 applications act as a front end to SAP ERP. They use simple language, collect more accurate data, can be made available offline, and allow the end user to transact in a simpler fashion, enabling the users to become more efficient in their day to day duties.

 By implementing SAPUI5 applications to your organisation, the benefits will range from:

  • Improved productivity, reporting and real-time decision-making
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction, engagement and responsiveness
  • Enabling SAP to be made “mobile” – available anytime, anywhere
  • Alignment between the SAP system and your process “applications designed for the way we work”

Combining our business understanding, with our SAPUI5 development expertise, Absoft have successfully simplified SAP and enabled accelerated business performance for a number of our clients in recent years.

At Absoft, we have dedicated User Experience experts, who work with companies to create a clear vision of how improving the SAP UX can enhance business performance and gain the most from your investment in SAP ERP system.


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